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Strawberry's Rewards Program

Thank you for your interest in our rewards program, we hope to see our beloved customers adapt seamlessly to our new loyalty program.


Our customers can now earn rewards on every penny spent and apply the points that you accumulate to earn percentages off your entire table's bill!

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Step 1

Download the Mobilebytes App in the native App Store on your smartphone.

Don't have a smartphone? No problem! Just provide our server with your phone number so we can set up your new "Loyalty Profile"

Step 2


Sign-in to the app for the first time and register, its Quick! If your sharing a loyalty account with your spouse for example, make sure they apply their rewards to the same loyalty profile by scanning the QR code on our receipt with one phone only.

You may now manage your Rewards on your mobile app. Help us out by reviewing us within the Mobile Bytes Application.

Step 3

After dining at Strawberry's Pub, your receipt will come with a scannable QR code attached. Open your Mobilebytes app and scan the rewards in to your app!

Don't have a smartphone? No problem! Disregard the scannable code and tell your server your phone number. Be sure to use the same number each time.


In regards to takeout orders, be sure to update our staff of the appropriate number you'd like to apply your rewards to. We automatically attach take-out orders to the phone number you used to call us.

Step 4 - Understanding our Loyalty Program




Strawberry's Rewards are accumulated with every penny spent at our establishment.

1 Point is Earned for each 20 Dollars spent! Redeem your points once you reach a Loyalty Tier to get a percentage off your next bill!







10 Points

20 Points

30 Points




15% OFF

20% OFF

25% OFF

It can do even more than just rewards!

Keep track of spend and receipts.

Every receipt scanned by the MobileBytes guest engagement app as well as any order tied to a customer’s phone number is permanently stored and available to view inside the app. Never lose track of receipts!

Pay your bill fast and secure!

Take control of your restaurant checkout experience with Scan to Pay. Each guest check contains a printed QR code which when scanned from inside the MobileBytes iOS or Android app, allows you to quickly and securely pay your bill. The app allows one touch tipping and securely stores credit card tokens for future payments.

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