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Bring Your Dad To Strawberry's Pub & Pizza This Sunday!

In celebration of Father’s Day this Sunday, we are encouraging people to bring their dads to Strawberry’s Pub & Pizza. Why not treat him to his favorite pizza, a delicious burger, or even our succulent chicken wings, and buy him a drink (or two!) of his choice. Has he tried our popular Gem Old Fashioned? He won’t be disappointed!

Your Dad may be wondering, what beer do we have available? With 19 different unique draft beers, he’ll be spoiled for choice. Traditional beers such as Budweiser and Coors Light are available, and if he is a craft beer connoisseur, we have an amazing range on tap including Head High. If this isn’t enough for him, each tap has a solid layer of ice wrapped around it for that extra chill!

Strawberry’s Pub & Pizza is the perfect place to socialize as a family with our comfortable and cozy environment, it’s also suitable for infants with our spacious lavatories. If Dad is a sports fan, we have 19 flat-screen TVs showing all the latest sports games from his favorite team. Furthermore, we’re open 12-9 pm so you have plenty of time to celebrate Father’s Day!

If you already weren’t the favorite child, now is your chance!


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