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Heated Outside Tent and Inside Dining

At last, we are able to serve the Woodbridge, NJ & surrounding patrons inside, but are not ready to close up our outside dining space. We decided to install commercial heaters!

Heated Outside Dining Tent: While comitted to serving our patrons within the health code guidlines, we proceeded to close in a portion of our tent walls to keep in the warmth during the approaching colder days & nights. We added commercial heat to ensure our guests remain confortable at all times. This should give you peace of mind the next time you visit us! Please dress appropriately for dining outside

Inside Dining: Finally, you can now enjoy Strawberry's the "old-fashioned" way, inside! There a many tables available indoors and a few bar-stool areas that guests can make themselves comfortable. At the moment, we are not accepting reservations, all dining is on a "first come-first serve basis."

Sanatizing stations are available at numerous locations both inside and outside.

Dining Protocol: All guests are required to properly wear their masks at all times when they are not seated. This includes entering and exiting our tent and inside dining areas.

Take Out Protocol: You may either call, order online or utilize doordash for delivery services. When calling in, the most efficient way is to provide credit card payment via phone to make the pickup process quick and efficient. During the ordering process, we will request a mobile number & send you a text-message when your food is ready for pickup. Once you recieve your text, you may approach our door and let our staff know you are here with the ticket number within the text message.

We look forward to serving you!

The Strawberrys Staff




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