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Watch the 2022/23 NFL Season at Strawberry’s!

Calling all NFL fans! With the recent start to the 2022/23 NFL season, we would like to welcome all NFL fans to watch all the games live with us. With the recent subscription of the ‘NFL Sunday Ticket’, and 19 flat-screen TVs across the restaurant, we have every single game available to watch for your pleasure!

Here at Strawberry’s, we offer a range of game-day essential food. From our famous pizza pies to our sharing platters and delectable choice of wings, no game-day is complete without it! To wash it all down, we have a range of ice-cold draft beers and over 25 bottles and cans available. Our taps have a solid layer of ice wrapped around the draft beer faucets, making sure our spirits are served at the coldest temperatures possible (literally, ice cold)! We always make sure you’re spoilt for choice!

If you prefer, all our dishes are available for take-out or delivery through DoorDash. So you can watch the game and enjoy your Strawberry’s favorites from the comfort of your own home!

Who do we think will come out on top this year? Will the Giants be motivated to have a better season than they did last year? Who knows what will happen, however, it is certain that it will be a great season as always, and Strawberry’s is the best place to catch all the action!


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